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THE DIVE CENTRE HULL LTD is proud to sponsor Dive Project Cornwall.



Our vision is simple - eliminate plastic pollution and protect the marine environment to save all life in our oceans for many future generations to enjoy and cherish.

DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL will EDUCATE hundreds of thousands of young people by delivering an education programme directly into schools across the UK, raising the awareness of the importance of the planet's marine ENVIRONMENT and its vital role in our very own existence.

​At the heart of DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL is a competition for 400 lucky teenagers to win the EXPERIENCE of a lifetime; a 6-day, life-changing trip to Cornwall where they will learn to scuba dive, enjoy outdoor adventures, take up beach-related activities and attend presentations from leading marine industry experts.

DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL will also reach millions of adults through promotional features via multiple media partners and strong collaborations with numerous ocean-based charities.

The 400 lucky teenagers will leave DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL as ‘Ocean Influencers.’ They will then act to positively engage, inspire and motivate the next generation to save our planet.

The lucky competition winners will explore Falmouth Bay. 

The views over the bay are breath-taking and are sure to provide them with a positive coastal experience. During their time with DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL they will be trained by experienced, qualified PADI Instructors and will be certified as PADI Open Water Scuba Divers, being able to dive anywhere in the world in the future. Through the outdoor adventures, beach-based activities and presentations from leading marine industry experts they will learn first-hand the important part our oceans play in the survival of our planet and how this impacts our very own existence.

DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL believes in learning through experience. The knowledge gained by the 400 lucky teenagers will be for life. All of the winners will leave with memories, friendships and a greater appreciation of our oceans; fully understanding the huge role they play in the future of the planet.

The 400 lucky teenagers will leave DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL as ‘Ocean Influencers’. With this newfound knowledge, they will be able to engage with their peers informatively, with enthusiasm and a real desire to drive change. Their voices will influence a change in attitude and behaviour and ‘turn the tide’ on the devastating effects of plastic pollution in our oceans.

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