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The Dive Centre Hull - Ltd and Hull Sub Aqua Club

are having our regular monthly meeting this Wednesday 14th September @ 7pm.

All are welcome PADI, BSAC, SSI, RAID, TDI.

Come meet the family and receive your monthly free Dive Magazine on us.

We are also holding our regular Open-water and Reactivate workshop on Thursday 15th September 6.30 pm @ The Dive Centre Hull - Ltd and again on Saturday 24th September 10am

So please come and join in the fun.

Contact The Dive Centre Hull Ltd or Hull Subaqua Club for more details.

Looking for a new club with a difference?

Come take a look - we have an amazing crew and members of our Dive Club and we are welcoming new/old divers from any organisation and other existing clubs to join in and take advantage of the benefits the club has to offer.

The benefits are:

Free fully equipped training room for you to use.

Servicing on all equipment with hugh discounts.

Free air fills.

Use of pools when available.

Discounts on dive trips here and abroad.

Mega discounts on equipment purchases from our store.

Trips in and around the UK and Trips abroad.

First trip is on Wed 13th April 2022 6pm @ the hypobaric chamber Hull.

This dry trip is a full on education trip on DCI and DCS.

The specialists there will be showing the club round, giving talks and even giving us the expierence of what it would be like if we ended up in their specialist hands after a dive accident.

Trips abroad.

Our first of many trips abroad is back to my 2nd home, Cyprus.

We will be diving one of the wrecks rated one of the top 10 wrecks in the world, The Zenobia. We will also be looking at other wrecks, coral reefs, caverns and the new underwater statue park as well as diving much more.

If you want to join in the fun here and abroad please follow us on Facebook and come to our ever growing clubs next meeting here @ The Dive Centre Hull Ltd.

If you or your club could benefit from these amazing opportunities, please ask for more details.

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